How It Works

SportsNet simplifies and streamlines the required steps before and athlete can try out or practice with a team. 


online registration

Parents will use a secure, private registration website hosted by SportsNet configured to meet your school's requirements.  After creating an account and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, they can log in to begin the registration process for a student-athlete.

The registration site includes the following forms:

  • Enrollment History
  • Sport Selections
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Health Information
  • Policies and Agreements
  • Physical Examination

athlete profile

As a school official, you have access to a secure administrative website (separate from the registration website) where submissions can be reviewed.  Each student has an Athlete Profile page where administrative users can:

  • View all parent input from a single summary screen
  • View uploaded physical examination forms
  • Control parent/guardian user access to student records
  • View and update medical clearance status

roster placement

Integration with your Student Information System (SIS) makes adding athletes to rosters easy, enabling you to search and add an athlete to a roster within seconds.

Another option is to add all online signups at once.  This approach takes all athletes who were authorized to participate in that sport by a parent/guardian and adds them to the roster. 

Regardless of the method used, all eligibility issues are instantly displayed.