Athlete Registration System

The Athlete Registration System provides a secure website for parents at your school to:

  • Create an account for registering one or more athletes

  • Complete online clearance forms in place of your traditional paper-based forms

  • Upload scanned document(s) for forms requiring handwritten signatures (i.e., the mandatory Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form)

  • Review submissions at any time

  • Update information as needed when granted access by the school

SportsNet has literally changed everything in terms of how we clear students to participate in athletics for our district.
— Ana Herold, Health Aide at Burlingame High School


  • Intuitive, step-by-step instructions throughout the registration process

  • Customized error-checking for every form inside the registration workflow

  • Integration with our Athlete Management System

  • Storage of information for future years of enrollment

  • Mobile-ready interface for maximum accessibility


Privacy and Security

Several steps are taken to ensure that student data remains secure and is not shared with unauthorized parties:

  1. Student directory information (student ID, last name, first name, and grade level) is preloaded into the system before registration begins.

  2. Parents must provide an exact match of this information before claiming access to the student record

  3. No private information regarding a student exists inside the registration website when the initial user claims access.

  4. Only one authorized user can access the registration record via the registration website.

  5. Schools can easily switch access to a different user account if necessary


Inside the Application


The Athlete Registration Workflow